The Town and County require permits for signs and have developed a “sign code” that all individuals and organizations are required to adhere. These codes are written to protect the public health, safety and welfare while staying within Constitutional requirements.

   As a general rule you should become familiar with the local sign codes and the required methods of obtaining necessary permits, inspections and certifications.


Piedmont Press can assist you with this process. It is not recommended to ever attempt to circumvent the local codes regardless of the temptation to save money on the fees. While an organization’s sign violation might escape notice in the short term, local zoning enforcement will see the sign and then you could be liable for expensive fines and judgments usually requiring the immediate removal of the illegal sign at your expense.

Basic Design

The effectiveness of every sign is defined by several factors...

1. Readability: The size of the sign should consider the distance to the intended audience and how fast they are moving.  The goal is to communicate to them quickly and allow them enough time to make a decision to visit your business.

2. Key Words: A brief 2-5 word message communicates much more effectively than attempting to put a “laundry list” of services and products on your sign

3. Graphics/Symbols: Symbols, graphics or logos that clearly communicate your business to potential clients often convey more than the words themselves.

4. Color: When additional colors are present on a sign it has been shown to increase retention by 78%.  Add a second color to get your message across and consider full color for maximum impact.


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